Hoarder & Clearance Training Course

Our CPD accredited hoarder and clearance training course will explain to you in detail, the best industry practice guidelines for the safe methods of cleaning, decontaminating, sanitizing, manual handling, heavy lifting and managing customers whilst dealing with a hoarder and/ or clearance property. With this knowledge, you will be able to safely carry out your duties whilst being able to maintain a high standard of safety.

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Aims & Objectives

Here is a small list of some of the aims / objectives covered in our hoarding and clearance training course:

  • What is a hoarding disorder?
  • The multiple levels of hoarding
  • Why do people hoard.
  • Prevention
  • Mental health
  • The dangers and risks associated with hoarding.
  • PPE and equipment
  • Disposal of waste from a hoarder/clearance property


This hoarder and clearance training course will give you the knowledge and understanding on how to clear a hoarded property professionally and safely. You will also develop the knowledge on how to sensitively deal with hoarders and try to understand why they have become a hoarder. This course is ideal for you if you are looking to become a crime scene cleaner, a biohazard cleaner, or a trauma cleaner.

Learning Outcomes

By completing this hoarding and clearance training course, you should:

  • You will learn what a hoarding disorder is and the differences between a hoarder and a collector.
  • You will learn the different levels of hoarding and how severe this can become.
  • You will discover the many different reasons why a person might hoard and begin to understand the reasons why they might become hoarders.
  • You will find out what prevention techniques are available.
  • We will cover the mental health issues from hoarding and how it affects the hoarder and families.
  • You will learn to recognise the dangers and risks involved with hoarding, such as air quality and pest control issues. You will learn how to write a basic risk assessment to carry out this task to minimise the risks.
  • After learning about the different risks and hazards involved with hoarding, you will then discover the best PPE and equipment to use to carry out a hoarding or clearance task.
  • You will cover how to safely and legally dispose of the waste that will come from undertaking such a task.


Course requirements

We require no previous experience or knowledge of hoarder and clearance training for you to complete this course. However, it is assumed that applicants have a good understanding of English and have a sound educational background. Learners aged 16 – 17 years can complete this hoarder and clearance training course in the UK but are unable to operate in this field until they are 18 years old, due to the nature of this work.

Completion requirements

After going through the 1-day course, you must complete a multiple-choice test and achieve a pass rate of at least 80% or higher. If you are taking part in the 3-day trauma and biohazard course, you will complete a multiple-choice test after each module and achieve a pass rate of at least 80% or higher.


What do I get?

Once you have completed the hoarder and clearance training course, you will receive a CPD (Continuous Professional Development) certification in hoarder and clearance training and a NASC ID badge, showing your qualifications. You will receive these in the post a few days after completing the course.

Who is this course for?

This hoarder and clearance training course is ideal for those who are hoping to pursue a career in crime scene cleaning, forensic cleaning, and trauma and biohazard cleaning. This course is also ideal for those who are already involved in the cleaning industry and would like to expand your professional cleaning services.

Is this course online or face to face?

Here at The National Academy of Specialist Cleaners we only offer face-to-face training. We believe that face to face training is more beneficial than online learning when it comes to specialist cleaning. We believe this because here at NASC you will have the opportunity to discuss real life scenarios with an experienced trauma and biohazard cleaning operative. You may also get the chance to discuss business with a trauma and biohazard business owner. During the course you will get introduced to real life products, PPE, and you will get cleaning equipment demonstrations with explanations. Here at The National Academy of Specialist Cleaners you will get a hands-on learning experience.

How can I do this course?

At The National Academy of Specialist Cleaners, you have the option of completing this hoarder and clearance course through either a one-day course, or through our 3-day trauma and biohazard cleaning course.

If you choose to complete the hoarder and clearance training course over one day, you will have a morning session of completing the course and exam, then in the afternoon you will go over to The National Academy of Specialist Cleaners practical training facilities. In the practical training facility, you will come face to face with scenarios that you could face in the real world, and you will learn how to approach these scenarios professionally and safely as well as how to complete the specialist cleaning of hoarder and clearance.

If you choose to complete the hoarder and clearance training course as a part of the 3-day trauma and biohazard course, you will also be completing other modules such as unattended death clean up training, needles and sharps training, bloodborne pathogens clean up training, and pigeon guano clean up training.

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development is a commitment to ongoing lifelong learning. CPD encourages looking forward and identifying opportunities to learn something new, refresh existing knowledge, improve skills, or simply keep up to date with the latest developments within a particular profession or industry.


The National Academy of Specialist Cleaners are based in Little Walden, Essex.

Here at NASC we have two training facilities. We have our classroom where all the classroom-based learning of the modules will take place, this is where you will complete the course, do the exams and be shown examples of chemicals, PPE and equipment demonstrations that will be needed when taking part in this specialist cleaning sector.

Then we also have our practical training facility, this is where you will take what you have learnt in the classroom and put it to the test. Here you will be faced with life-like scenarios that you could face when you venture out into this specialist cleaning sector. Here you will get help and support from the trainers on how to complete these works properly and safely with experienced trauma and biohazard cleaners on site giving you the best advice and tips on how to do this.

If you are a large group between 6 – 12 candidates, and you have adequate facilities for us to come and deliver the this course. We are more than happy to come to your premises to deliver the course for you.