Risk Assessment Training Course

This CPD accredited course teaches you about risk assessments. Risk assessments are important when it comes to taking on any task. This course will explain what constitutes a risk, explain risk assessment and the basic terms applied to risk assessments and how to complete a risk assessment. This course will provide you with the tools to carry out a risk assessment and apply them to any task that you will carry out safely. You will learn how to compile your own risk assessments using the templates provided.

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In this module we will be reviewing:

  • Understand what a risk is
  • Learn the basic terms that apply to risk assessments
  • Develop understanding and knowledge as to what a risk assessment is
  • Learn what a risk assessment enables you to do
  • Learn how risk assessments are carried out in detail (Step-by-step)
  • Practice at writing your own risk assessments

We hope you enjoy this course.